Junior 4


34 responses to “Junior 4

  1. Miriam

    Dear Ms.Rosette,
    Today Nicola told me that she forgot her homework and was taken to Ms. Sue.Nicola forgot that she handed in her homework on Friday. She left it on the teacher’s desk.Kindly can you confirm because I am sure she did her homework.Thanks and Good Night

    • Dear Ms Schembri
      I’m afraid I did not find any copybooks on the desk today. I’ll check tomorrow but please do check at home as well. I’ll let you know the outcome.

      Thanks and good n ight
      Ms Rosette

  2. Roberta Conrad

    Dear Ms Rosette,

    I would like to thank you for the HW list you prepared for Nicholas during his absence from school. He worked everything out already. Was there any schoolwork or homework he should be doing over the weekend? His brother wasn’t given any hw papers today.

    Thanks and best regards,
    Roberta Conrad

  3. Dear Ms Rosette

    I realy enjoy your lessons


  4. Nicola

    Dear Ms. Rosette,
    Would you be able to post the work done on the blogg as Nicola will have to be away for a while because she broke her leg.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Ms Schembri
      I can put the work down on the blog but i spoke with ms sue today who told me that you will be coming to school to collect the work. I would rather this please, so i would be able to explain certain topics and pages to you. Let me know please what you prefer. i’m putting down yesterday’s and today’s work on the blog. this was only multiplications so i’m sure Nicola can work them quite easily.

      I hope she gets better soon. it is a great pity. we’ll m iss her very much. please pass on my best regards to her and do let me know if you need anything.
      thanks and regards
      ms rosette 🙂

      • Nicola

        Dear Ms Rosette,
        My husband will be coming to school on the 9th and since on that day they have a test I thought of getting Nicola to school and perform this test in Miss Sue’s office so as not to take her up another flight of steps. Still need to discuss with Miss Sue for possibility.What do you think?She is really missing everyone.Say hello to everyone for her.


      • Yes, I think that will be a good idea. Plus not missing the test she can see all her friends. I’m sure they’ll all be very excited. But you will have to ask ms Sue about it. I don’t know what the school policy about such things is. Then let me know please. In the meantime i will definately say ‘hello’ to all Nic’s friends. Give her all our best and tell her we miss her too.

        Ms Rosette

  5. Nicola

    Dear Ms. Rosette,

    Miss Sue told me that we can have the test performed in her office on Friday. Miss Sue told me that you need to speak to me on Tuesday morning but it seems to be a problem as I can’t take leave on Tuesday since Wednesday I need to take more leave to take Nicola to hospital. Can we make it on Friday if we come at 13.00 and Nicola will do the test at that time and we wait for you till when school finishes will it be a problem for you?
    Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Ms Schembri

      Yes that should be fine for me too.

      Thanks \. See you on Friday.

      Ms Rosette

      • Nicola

        Dear Ms Rosette,
        Nicola will be returning to school on Monday.Was there any homework given out throughout the week that she can do. I am very sorry we did not meet today but there was a chaos at school today but at least now you can explain everything to Nicola.


      • Hi Ms Schembri
        As you can imagine there still is a little chaos at school up until Wednesday when our dress rehearsal is over. so please ask Nicola to come and speak with me thursday or Friday. Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.

        Ms Rosette

  6. Nicola

    Dear Ms.Rosette,

    I can understand don’t worry.The kids will be extremely excited for the concert but that shows how happy they are to form part of St.Catherine.
    Good Luck in your preparations.

    Kind regards,


  7. Jasmine

    Dear Ms.Rosette
    how do I get to the bar chart again on the e-learning platform.

    Regards Jasmine

  8. Ms Rosette

    Can you please tell me exactly what is this bar chart project that Francesco has to do. I just remembered now even though Francesco forgot all about it.

  9. Mandy Galea

    Thanks for everything Ms Rosette have a merry xmas and a happy new year.

  10. Carola/Maria Stivala

    Dear Ms. Rosette,
    When do we get the timetable for the mid-term exams please (day & subject) ? Is each exam 1 and 1/2 hrs ? Are we to collect the children from school earlier than usual 1.40pm or do they continue with class lessons?

    Thank you and Regards,
    Carola & Maria Stivala 4 B

    • Hi Ms Stivala
      Time tables are out. Maria is supposed to have brought it home today. Exams are between one to one and a half hours according to which subject it is. School finishes as usual. After exams we have normal school hours and lessons.

      Ms Rosette

  11. Carola/Maria Stivala

    Thank you .

  12. Dear Ms. Rosette,
    Please note that Maria will not be able to attend school for the rest of this week due to chickenpox. Kindly send additional hw and schoolwork pls.
    Thank you. Regards from Maria to all her schoolfriends whom she is missing a lot !

  13. Thank you ! Maria is doing well and will be back at school on Wednesday ;P
    Carola Stivala

  14. Dear Ms Rosette
    Is the homework for Wednesday.
    Or Thursday.

  15. Dear Ms Rosette
    For when is the homework?

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