Junior 3


21 responses to “Junior 3

  1. kirby

    hi i am aleishia cauchi mammy pls can you tell me what home work page she have today because she didn’t right it well
    Thank s a lot
    Kirby 🙂

    • Dear Ms Mallia

      Today’s Hw was book 3A Page 10 green. I’m afraid Aleisha has to be more careful when writing her HW. It is left on the white board till the end of the morning. I was also with them during the last lesson so she could also have asked. Please try to explain to her so as it will not happen again since I do not always write the Hw on the blog and as you can see i go on the computer late for her to be able to complete her HW. I would like to train the children to become responsible for writing their SW as well as HW and not rely on the blog.

      Thank you and good night
      Ms Rosette

  2. amanda

    Good morning, hope this email finds you well. Filippa is in bed with fever and wont be back probably before next Monday. It would be very much appreciated if you could notify me with homework given this week and possibly with the weekend homework. thanks alot Amanda Gauci (mum filippa gauci 3a)

    • hi ms gauci
      sorry…i’m afraid i too am away from school. had a bad fall and fractured my arm which was put in plaster. so flippa is lucky cos she’s not missing any work except for the plusing i gave last mon which should be page 38 blue. hope she will be better. i will be seeing her again on monday.
      wish you a quick recovery dear filippa.
      ms rosette 🙂

  3. Francoise

    Hi Ms Rosette,
    I am not sure what the maths project is, I have tried to locate the kids zone on Junior 4 e learning platform but cannot find it as instructed on Sam’s diary.

  4. Ms Rosette, nathan should write on the book? because he did’t have any copybook of maths just the book he has.thanks a lot

  5. Roberta Scerri

    Hi Ms Rosette please be so kind and explain to me the correction of pg 36 blue ex 1 letter c since I cannot understand the reason why there is a cross on the answer which is 8 and 7 is written instead. I checked with a couple of other parents just to make sure that it wasn’t Ben’s mistake but they have the same correction.
    I was under the impression that children were meant to write either Bobtail or Flopsy’s votes which are 2 and 8 respectively. Thank you so much for your time.
    Roberta Scerri

    • Hi Ms Scerri
      We checked pg 36. There must have been some misunderstanding as some children had one answer and others have another. The answer should be: Bobtail 2 and Flopsy 8 = 10.
      Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.

      Ms Rosette

  6. Roberta Scerri

    Hi Ms Rosette please be so kind and check the correction of page 36 blue no 1 c. Seems like not only Ben has a mistake in the correction because i have asked other parents. Thank you so much.
    Roberta Scerri (Benjamin jnr 3a)

  7. Karen Buttigieg

    hi Ms Rosette,

    we would like to thank you for giving Kyle the work you did when he was sick. Thanks very much for your pacience and dedication.

    best Regards
    Karen Buttigieg

  8. Dear Ms Rosette
    Please, can you tell me the tallychart of pg38 is it to be done on the book or copybook.

    thanks francesca

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