Visit to Shannon

Today, this afternoon Ms Vaness, Ms Anna, Ms Silvana and myself visited Shannon at hospital.  All her relatives were very pleased to see us giving them all the encouragement that they need.

But most of all, Shannon herself was feeling our presence……..She was smiling when her Nanna was telling her who was there to see her.

I gave her all the children’s cards and when I opened the big cartoncin for her we could see her reacting to this.  We left all the other cards to be opened gradually by her family.

We will revisit her and other teachers will too because obviously we cannot go altogether.  We will keep you posted.  In the meantime, even though children are not allowed to visit her,  I ask you all….children, parents, relatives….. to keep her in your prayers please.

Please remember, that the little gestures are the ones that fill our hearts with love…..and ‘love’ makes the world go round.

Thank you all

Ms Rosette 🙂


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