Shannon Aquilina – Junior 3

Yesterday I went to see our little angel Shannon Aquilina in hospital.  I can assure you that it was not an easy decision to take but after having done so I must say that, although I felt very sad and went out of the ward crying my eyes out, I felt much stronger in facing all the difficulties  life presents us with.

Although Shannon was sleeping I know she could feel my presence.  Her father, mother and all her family are ever so grateful for all our prayers and encouragement to them all in this very unfortunate and sad situation.

Please, do keep little Shannon in all your prayers so that with God’s help we’ll be ab le to see her with us soon.

Please God pray for her and all her family.  Give them all the strength and courage they need to see this sad moment  through.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit


Thanks to All

Ms Rosette




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4 responses to “Shannon Aquilina – Junior 3

  1. I think it was a very nice thing to do. Shannon is in our thoughts and prayers every day.

  2. Dorianne Sammut

    It is so sad and heartbreaking to know how much pain Shannon and her family are going through. Shannon is and always will be in our thoughts and prayers.

    God bless you Shannon and all your family.

    Love from Nadege and family X X X

    Thank you Ms.Rosette.

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