A SadGood Bye

Yesterday saw us, all the St Catherine’s Community ….Administration, staff, students old and new, gathered together to say a very sorrowful good bye to one of our most dearest students, one of our school community who passed away at the tender age of 17. A wonderful girl. An ‘A’ student who had never in her very short life, given anyone anything to complain about. A girl both beautiful from outside as well as from inside. A girl who had all the talents and all the gifts a mother and a father could ever dream and ask for.
But, the ways of God are infinite……This is the way God wanted for Sharon Rodenas. The way, as her beloved father told us at the end of her last journey, to Heaven. To where he believed Sharon will be waiting for them when their time comes.
Sharon was also a wonderful singer and mass ended with a recording of herself singing…..this was the Ultimate……when everyone broke down into tears…tears of sadness for such a wonderful life lived so short.

Dear Sharon, we will never forget you….You will always be in our prayers. A special prayer also goes to both her beloved parents whose sorrow one can never imagine. We, as parents, can only know what they must be passing through…and ONLY GIVE THEM OUR PRAYERS.

Ms Rosette



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3 responses to “A SadGood Bye

  1. karol

    IT WASNT SHARON SINGING IN THE FUNERAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. karol

    it was a girl from stagecoach i think it was not sharon for sure because sharon sings much better.

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