Maltese Volunteers

Dear Parents,

A large number of Maltese Volunteers have joined ‘The Chaplaincy’ at the University of Malta to do Mission work in Palermo, Naples, Catania and Ethiopia, during the summer months of July and August. These groups form part of the Ignation Youth Network (InYgo; NGO no:0049).

All work is done in collaboration with the Missionaries of Charity (congregation founded by Mother Teresa). The InYgo volunteers shall be working in the ‘House of the Dying’ in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, whereas three Summer Camps are being organised for children who experience various types of poverty.

St Catherine’s High School has kindly given us permission to ask for your generosity in donating:
Coconut Packets and Condensed Milk

for a Coconut Balls Fundraising event we shall be doing.

Just for your information, should you wish to help further to the above, we also accept small toys (ideal to pack in the luggage) to give to the children as daily gifts for good behaviour. Such gifts would include: small pencil colour boxes, stickers, fancy pencils/pens, jewellery for the elder children, small notebooks etc…

Please do not feel obliged to give anything, but in case you do, take it as an opportunity for your son/daughter to understand the meaning of sharing and being kind to others. The act of giving to others is in itself very rewarding. Any contributions will be collected on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th June, thus it would be appreciated if any goods are taken to class by then.

On behalf of all my fellow volunteers I would like to thank you in advance for your support. We appreciate your prayers. Every contribution counts. As Mother Teresa used to say ‘Our work is just a drop in the ocean, but without that drop, the ocean would not be the same!’ Please help us make a little difference!

Best Regards,

Veronique Abela
Coordinator of Catania Group

Fr Michael Bugeja sj – University Chaplain
TEL: (00356) 2340 2341, 2133 2207 FAX: (00356) 2131 0564 E-MAIL: WEBSITE:


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