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End of Year Thank you to All

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I have to thank you all Junior 3 A and B and Junior 4 A and B for the wonderful presents you have all given us as an end of year ‘Thank You’.  As I have already said in another one of my posts, it is very encouraging when such appreciation is shown.  It makes one feel that all the hard work during the year was very mch worth it.  Although I must keep insisting that this is not only part of our profession but also part of an innate obligation which one feels towards our youngsters.

I wish you all a very enjoyable Summer and Happy Holidays.  Meantime enjoy the last photos I have taken of all the classes when I gave them sweets to celebrate the end of year and their success in their Assessments and Exams.

Once again, enjoy and take care.  See you all next September!!!

Ms Rosette 🙂 xx


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Thank You

A Big ‘thank you’ to those parents and children of Junior 3B who were so nice as to present us with an end of year gift.  I must say that it is really very encouraging to feel so much appreciated.  Although I have to insist that I feel that the work and dedication put into it is not only part of our job but most of all part of our profession.  It is something innate which one has to feel.

Thank you all once again and I wish you all Happy and Restful Holidays.

Ms Rosette 🙂

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Junior 4 Party

The Junior 4s next Wednesday 27th June, on their last day of school are going to be asked to get some food stuffs so that we can hold our ‘End of School’ Part.

It will take place during the last part of the morning after their Exams. That is from 10:00am to 11:00am.

On Monday the children will be told what to get.  They are to come to school wearing ‘Casual clothes’.


Ms Rosette 🙂



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skype Call

We did it…..although I was not present as I had to be supervising Exams, the Junior 3s went to Ms Sue’s Office and Skyped a call with Shannon.  I must thank all for all their interest and concern.  The children enjoyed this but even more so Shannon could relive the feelings her classmates can give her.

Thanks again to all,

God bless

Ms Rosette:)


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Visit to Shannon

Today, this afternoon Ms Vaness, Ms Anna, Ms Silvana and myself visited Shannon at hospital.  All her relatives were very pleased to see us giving them all the encouragement that they need.

But most of all, Shannon herself was feeling our presence……..She was smiling when her Nanna was telling her who was there to see her.

I gave her all the children’s cards and when I opened the big cartoncin for her we could see her reacting to this.  We left all the other cards to be opened gradually by her family.

We will revisit her and other teachers will too because obviously we cannot go altogether.  We will keep you posted.  In the meantime, even though children are not allowed to visit her,  I ask you all….children, parents, relatives….. to keep her in your prayers please.

Please remember, that the little gestures are the ones that fill our hearts with love…..and ‘love’ makes the world go round.

Thank you all

Ms Rosette 🙂

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Skype Talk

The Junior 3s will tomorrow Thursday go into Ms Sue’s office. She will then, through Skype on internet, get them through to Shannon at hospital. Our children will only be hearing Shannon since as yet we do not think that they should be viewing her, but she will be seeing them.

They will be talking to her and reading to her a line or two they themselves will make up.  We know that through our efforts we are helping our little Shannon get back on her feet.

NB:  We strongly suggest that for now the children do not visit at hospital, please.

Once again, thank you all for your prayers.


Ms Rosette



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Teachers’ Visit

Dear All

Some teachers today will be going to Hospital to visit Shannon. I’ll bring you news of her later on this evening. I’ll be passing her all the get well cards and prayers the children of the Junior 3b and some of the junior 3a have made for her.

Thank you all for your prayers.

Good day
Ms Rosette

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