Sports Day on Friday coming 1st June

Dear All

On Friday is our Junior school’s sports day. Parents are invited to attend see their children enjoy themselves. The children are to be at school at the usual time and they will be accompanied by the teachers to the Luxol Grounds where they will perform their races and after will be accompanied back to school by the teachers from where they then can be picked up.

They are also to bring along a cartoncin…a red one for the girls and a white one for the boys, then there are some children who have to get a grey one , these ones know who they are. The children will use these cartoncin to make up the Maltese Flag.

The children are also asked to bring two euro to cover expenses.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you on Friday.

Ms Rosette 🙂



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4 responses to “Sports Day on Friday coming 1st June

  1. roberta150

    hello ms rosette,nathan lili kitibli 3 euro fuq in note book mhux 2 euro,mela forsi biex tkun ghalih il pqija.tista ticcekja ghax ihobb jigdeb fuq hekk

    • Hi Ms Sillato

      The price for Sports Day is 2 Euro and not 3 Euro. I’m sure of that. Could be as you said that he wants to get some extra money for himself.

      Ms Rosette

  2. Dear Ms Rosette,
    Is there some kind of rough plan as to the timing of each class? I know that you cannot be precise but at least at what time will the Junior 4 be taken to Luxol so that I can plan when to be there? Again a rough idea.

    • Hi Ms Pace

      I’m afraid i cannot tell what time the junior 4b will be participating. All the classes wioll be going down to Luxol at 8.15am. The junior 5 will be starting but then again there’s no sure confirmation, so i suggest you come as soon as you can.
      Ms Rosette

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