Assessments Junior 3

Dear Parents

The Junior 3s will be starting their Annual Assesssments starting on the 4th June till the 11th June.  A full time table should be out very shortly.

In the meantime, we have started our Maths revision pack.  I have today made the children mark the most and very important pages which we have already today started working.  Please, make sure that all the pages marked Very Important are studied very well.

I thank you all for your help and co-operation.

Thanks and regards

\Ms Rosette 🙂



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2 responses to “Assessments Junior 3

  1. Ms Rosette, Since Gaia was away today, can you please help her to mark these pages? Thanks Cynthia

    • Hi Ms Cynthia

      Will do. But please do ask Gaia to remind me as well. There are too many things going on at this point in time and it would be very easy for me so it slips my mind.

      Ms Rosette

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