Junior 3 and 4 Revision packs given out

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Today most of the children have acquired their Maths Notes and Revision Packs.  I must remind you all that if you start working on them please, DO NOT WRITE ON THEM.

I must also appeal to those children who have not yet acquired their Revision Packs to do so as soon as possible since this is keeping us from starting revision work in full blast.


Many thanks

Ms Rosette 🙂



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12 responses to “Junior 3 and 4 Revision packs given out

  1. Ms Rosette,
    Many thanks for these packs. They really encourage the children to try them out… following your rules 🙂 on a seperate copybook. Plus they are a great help to us parents to continue with the same methods used at school. Cynthia

  2. Roberta Scerri

    A big thank you Ms Rosette for such a useful pack! It really helps us parents.
    Roberta Scerri (Ben jnr 3A)

  3. Francesca Montesin

    Ms Rosette. I also support the previous comments. Thanks a mille. Sharon

  4. Dear Ms Rosette,
    Firstly thank you for the extensive revision packs – these are extremely helpful. One question with regards to the division. In the pack there are several problems with the long division symbol. As far as I know this symbol has not been used in class. Do we need to work divisions with this method or with the straight line method ?

    • Hi Ms Pace
      We have not done long divisions of any sort. tomorrow i’ll be going over the booklets as today we had too amny children not in class due to the dress rehearsal for saturday’s prize day. We’ll be marking anything which we have not done but which i have left just in case you would like to use them as summer revision packs too.

      Thanks and good night
      Ms Rosette

  5. Matthias Seychell

    Dear Ms Rosette,
    First of all ,thanks for the revision pack,it is of great help to us and the children.I would like to ask a question please,In the memo about exams there is going to be 2 papers and in the revision booklet there are paper 1 with about 24 questions and paper 2 with about the same number of questions. Is that the format of the exam? as I am a bit worried that 1hr 15 mins are not enough for all that work.Could you please give me some brief details about it? I hope I’m not asking too much.
    Thanks & Regars

    • Hi Ms Seychell,

      I’m afraid I can ‘t give you more information than that. Matthias has to learn how to keep going and not linger. He needs to get a notion of time limit. But don’t worry there’ll be enough time I will be seeing to that.

      Ms Rosette

  6. Matthias Seychell

    Hi again Ms Rosette,
    Now that I have the time table it is more clear as I thought that both papers 1&2 were together with 1hr 15mins.

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