Revision Packs and Notes for Junior 4s

Dear Parents,
The Revision packs and notes for Junior 4s are ready to be given to the children. We’ll be working and writing on them. So, please. it is VERY IMPORTANT that if you revise at home you DON’T WRITE on them but write on a seperate paper. We will not be working all the revision booklet but the very important pages. So that is why you need to write on a different page when working the rest of the booklet. The booklet can also be used as a Summer Revision pack during the Summer holidays.
The booklet includes:
the list of main topics
the important pages to revise on the textbooks 3A, 3B and 3C.

The Notes booklet has an explanation of most of the topics covered during this year. This is NOT TO BE STUDIED BY HEART but as a reference to guide you in how to work certain topics.

You are to send with your son/daughter Euro 5.00 please so as to acquire both of the above packs.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like any more information re the above.

Thank you and good night to all
Ms Rosette 🙂



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13 responses to “Revision Packs and Notes for Junior 4s

  1. Thank you Ms Rosette, can’t wait to start all the Revision at home 🙂

  2. Dear Ms Rosette,
    Kristina can start doing the revision or they are going start revision with you. As Kristina told me that the children aren’t going to start until all the children pay for the packs.


  3. Thanks but Kristina left her pack in the locker I wanted to confirm with you that she can start and not how she told me this afternoon.
    Thanks alot

  4. Paul Cordina's mum

    Hi Ms Rosette,
    I scanned through the revision booklet this afternoon. I realised that in some papers you ask them to copy triangles, 2D shapes and 3D shapes and then name them. Do the need to know how to draw shapes because they never had to that before?

  5. Alexandra Abela

    Hi Ms Rosette
    Thank you for the notes and revision papers. Do the children need to bring the 3 maths books with them over and above the notes and revision papers?
    Thank you

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