Junior 4 a and b outing to Sliema and Mgarr

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The Junior 4 A and B today were taken out to an outing where they visted the two villages they will be representing on Sunday at our school’s open day.

After a tour of Sliema we (Ms Rosette and Ms Vanessa together with their two helpers Ms Cardona and Ms Mifsud Cremona) took the children to the Bavira side of Valletta where the children sketched out the Sliema seafront looking at it from the opposite side. They will exhibit these sketches next Sunday so if you want to see all your cildren’s work, come and join us for some fun next Sunday!!!
This was then followed by continuing our trip to Mgarr. On the way we stopped at Zebbieh where the children could take a look at ‘The Skorba” Temples and had a lunch break. We then continued on our way to Mgarr.
We first visited the Parish Church. Here the children took note of a number of facts about the church as tomorrow the Junior 4B will be put into groups to make a write up about both the church as well as the shelters. Before leaving the church, we prayed for all our loved ones but mostly for our beloved little Shannon Aquilina who is passing a very bad phase health wise.
This was followed by crossing the road to visit the Mgarr War Shelters. Here, after watching a brief video about the second world war, the bombings, the air raids and of course, the shelters, we went down to visit the actual shelters.
We were all fasinated by what we saw, especially the kids who were also so very excited by now. At the end of the shelter tour we went up to the Barri Restaurant which hosts these Shelters and the kids could get themselves ice creams and drinks before we boarded the bus again to take us back to school.

Well such a memorable event in our scholastic year will take quite a while to be forgotten. I must say that this outing was a GREAT SUCCESS!!!

And to confirm all the above here are our photos. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing them just like we enjoyed them so much in actual fact!!!!!



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2 responses to “Junior 4 a and b outing to Sliema and Mgarr

  1. Well done for this lovely outing. Im sure that as you said this wont be forgotten easily.

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