St. Catherine’s High School
(founded 1909)
Suffolk Road
Pembroke STJ 14
10th May 2012
Memo re: Exams and Assessments
Pre-Juniors to Junior 6
Dear Parents,
As our academic year comes slowly to a close, it is also a time for our students to
make sense of the totality of the educational experience of the past year at school.
Exams and Assessments serve this purpose in fact. Exam and assessment time is not
a time meant to inundate the students with work, nor a time to create unnecessary
pressure on the students. It is a time to assess the progress of the year, to revise
concepts covered and to check if there are ‘missing gaps’ in our child’s learning
trajectory of the year.
I am hereby writing this memo to inform you of the systems that will be in place for
the assessments (Pre-Junior to Junior 3) and the exams (Junior 3-6).
Pre-Junior students will be having their assessments in class (they will be doing it in
the form of School Work) during the 2nd week of June. They will be assessed in
Numeracy and Literacy.
Junior 1 and Junior 2 students will be having their assessments in class (like School
Work sheets) during the first week of June and the teachers will be informing the
parents on the topics covered. They will be assessed in Numeracy, English Literacy
and Maltese.
Junior 3 students will be having assessments in class (as they had in their Mid-Years).
These will also take place in the first week of June and I will be issuing a timetable
closer to the date. They will be assessed in Maths, English and Maltese.
Junior 4 to Junior 6 students will have End of Year Exams in the following subjects,
namely, Maths (2 Papers), English (2 Papers), Maltese (2 Papers), Science (1 Paper).
They will have an exam every day (followed by lessons) and each exam will be of 1
hour 15 minutes duration. Exams will take place between Tuesday 19th and
Wednesday 27th June. With regards to Citizenship Education, there will be no exam,
whilst there will be a test for Religion during the 2nd week of June (Juniors 5,6 only).
All other subjects will be given an assessment grade to reflect their progress
throughout the year.
I hope this helps you all in the preparation for this assessment time!
Best regards,
Ms. Sue Mifsud Midolo
Junior School Director
Phone: 00356-21376543/4 Fax: 00356-21376542 email: info@stcatherines.eu


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