Dear Ms Sue

My cousin Maria Mallia will be going to Ethiopia together with a group of others to do voluntary work. She is a very dedicated doctor and takes her profession very seriously. Their work in Ethiopia will surely make some difference in these people’s lives. I thought of sending this e-mail so that if possible you could circulate it, possibly even throught the blogs. Every little bit counts and by circulating this we can help this group collect contributions/donations for their mission.

Thanks for your cooperation


Claire Axisa

To whom it may concern,

I would like to introduce
myself. I am Maria Mallia.
I am a medical doctor, working at Mater
Dei. I finished my specialisation in Neurology last May, so this year i
I will spend some of my free time helping others in need.

This August I will be heading a group of young
people going to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.
We will be conducting
missionary work, mainly with the sick but also with young children at the

Kidane Mehret Children’s home where we will be staying.

We are collecting money for medicines, dressings and to give as
help to the sisters.
All the money collected will be given to the
poor, we are paying for our flights and expenses.

would like to invite you to a fund raising abseiling event this Sunday
29th April at Mosta bridge. Price is 10euros.
We would be extremely
happy if you decide to help us by attending or sponsoring the event.

Fr Michael Bugeja of the University Chaplaincy is
taking care of the group, and we will be giving receipts for all the
money collected.

Please book by replying to this
email, or just pop by on the day.

9980 0995


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