Outing on Friday 30th March

Dear Parents

As you all know by now, on Friday there is a Boot Camp which some children will be attending, while there is an outing which all the others will be going to.  We have sent out a circular with all the information listed and which has been given to all students.

Please, follow all instructions and do try to hand in the fee included by the date stipulated.

As usual, we’ll be giving the children written instructions on their notebooks too as well as on the blogs.  In view of this, please do keep a good watch out.

Thanks and a Happy Weekend to All.  Enjoy the beautiful weather which we have all been waiting for after the long and wet Winter.

Ms Rosette


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One response to “Outing on Friday 30th March

  1. Roberta Scerri

    Good morning Ms Rosette does this apply to jnr 3 students? Ben was ill on thursday and friday and we haven’t received anything yet. Shall I wait till monday since he’ll be attending school then? I’m asking so that Ben can hand out the fee in time. Thank you Ms Rosette.

    Roberta Scerri

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