Junior 3 – Divisions/Multiplications

The Junior 3s are doing divisions. The divisions when being worked just on their own and not when being the opposite of the multiplication.

The division has now also taken the new dimension of being a way of grouping or putting into sets or into packs or into teams etc. of an amount or a number of various things or items or people etc.

Therefore we are now working the division by using the tables and our fingers in this way.  Please follow the example:

18÷ 2 = 9

We start saying the table of the 2 while counting on our fingers till we get to the answer of 18 which in this case is 9.

We are consolidating our multiplications and divisions.

Thank you

Ms Rosette



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2 responses to “Junior 3 – Divisions/Multiplications

  1. il problema ta nathan hija li jithawad u jaqlibhom it times jaghmilhom division etc,
    li qeda iddejaqni hija kif qedin jitghalmu il minus ,veru tkun difficli biex jaghmel perezempju 205-99= kif irid jahdima? tista tejni grazzi

    • Hi Ms Sillato
      Divisions should be sim ple enough if Nathan remembers that the answer is what we get on our fingers when we are saying the times tables.
      The minusing is in this method only for small numbers which we’ll be keeping this year. When we move onto the bigger numbers we’ll be working by the burrowing method.
      Ms Rosette

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