Memo to Junior 4s re Exams

     St. Catherine’s High School

       Suffolk Road

       Pembroke STJ 14



25th January 2012


Dear Parents,


We apologise for sending the memo a second time but there were errors on the first timetable and memo that need rectification.  Infact, the Junior 4s will be having NO study days and on the 7th Feb, they will have lessons as usual after the Maltese exam and on the 8th Feb, they have English as their first exam and then lessons as usual after that.  Kindly make sure you follow the timetable attached here and not the previous one sent (where there was the mention of a study school). Apologies once again for the confusion created!


As you are aware, the Junior 4s will be sitting for their first set of mid-year exams at our school.  The timetable for these exams has just been issued and these will take place between Monday 6th February and Thursday 9th February. Subjects assessed by exam means are Maths, English, Maltese and Science (other subjects will be given an assessment grade on the basis of general performance).  Students who are exempt from particular subjects can send their children to school later on in the day (once that first exam is over).


The students will have one exam per day (they will start at 8 am with the exam) and this will be of one hour and a half duration.  They will be staying in their own classrooms and places (so that the students feel more secure) and they will need to get their own fulscaps (for some subjects) (for some others it will be a fill-in paper), their own writing things such as pen, pencil, rubber, ruler etc, and a bottle of water to keep next to them.  They will be allowed to ask questions and the teacher responsible for the subject of the exam will be circulating from one class to the other to check on the progress of the children.  After the end of the exam, the students will have some break time (so please do provide lunch and drink as usual) and they will then continue with the lessons as usual (kindly follow the timetable – lessons after the first break).  If they have PE after the first break, they are then to change into their PE kit during the first break.  However, if they have PE normally during the first 3 lessons then they are not to come to school wearing their PE kit that day since that lesson will obviously not be taking place. School starts and ends at the normal time and transport functions normally.


Kindly remember, too, that Friday 10th February is a public holiday and we have no school on that day.

I hope that this helps you to be in a better position to encourage the children to prepare well for these assessments.

I thank you for your co-operation.




Ms. Sue Mifsud Midolo

Junior School Director




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