Junior 3 Plusing

Dear Parents

Please note that we have started working plus sums as already explained in my blog of two days or so ago.  May I please point out that the method is the one explained ie 35 + 25

35 + 20 = 55   (the 20 is added to the 35 by counting in tens)

55 +  5 = 60  ( the 5 is added to the 55 by counting in ones)

NB:  the second two digit number being plused is sectioned into the tens (the 20) and then the units (the 5).

IMPORTANT:  It is therefore very important that the children study and practise saying the numbers in tens especially when going over the 100.  Example  84 + 60 = 144.

I would really appreciate if parents were to give a helping hand where necessary please.

Thank you

Ms Rosette




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2 responses to “Junior 3 Plusing

  1. Dear Ms Rosette, thanks for the explanation. My difficulty lies here…how should they write it down? 35+25=60 or 35+20=55, 55+5=60.

    Pablo always tries to take short cuts when it comes to writing eventhough mentally he works it well.


    have a nice weekend,


    • Hi Ms Busutill
      If you are plusing 35+25, you first plus 35+20=55,then 55+5=60. Hope it is clear. This kind of plusing as you are seeing from the sums i am giving is mostly used for those sums which have the tens adding up to more than a ten which then becomes more difficult to work mentally. This could be a good explanation for Pablo.

      Ms Rosette

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