Welcome Back to School

Hi All Students and Parents,

Welcome back to school.  I hope you all had wonderful holidays in which you rested and enjoyed the festive season at the same time.

We are now at the second term which with it brings along new work and half yearly assessments and exams.  We are all recharged and ready for our new projects and goals for the up and coming weeks and months.


Good Luck to all!!!!

Ms Rosette 🙂



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2 responses to “Welcome Back to School

  1. edward psaila

    King is still having difficulties to solve her problems. I refer you to the note i have made on her copy book this week. Since then the situatuon has not changed. Would appreciate if you can meet me to discuss the matter further.

    • Dear Mr Psaila
      If you would like to come to speak to me I would be more than happy to discuss King’s problem. You can come at the end of school any time. But please do not be so worried as reasoning out story sums is not so easy. We’re explaining them all in class and trying to form a pattern of how to tackle them.
      Thank you
      Ms Rosette

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