Junior 3 HW

Math Hw for the holidays:

Pupil Book 3A:

Page 59 Green No 1 a – f

Page 59  Red No 1 a -c

Page 60 Blue no 1 and 2

Page 63 Blue No 1 and 2

The School work given on the last day of school was the following for those who did not come to school:

Page 65 Blue and green a-f

Page 69 Blue a – i

Page 69 Green nos 1 and 2

Psage 70 Blue Nos 1 and 2

Page 70 green a-l


Ms Rosette




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2 responses to “Junior 3 HW

  1. claire axisa

    Ms Rosette
    Thanks for the update. Just wanted to check if they have pg 60 green 1 & 2 and pg 63 green 1 & 2 as kieranhas them on his notebook. Thanks. Wishing you a wonderful christmas. Enjoy the holidays.

    Claire Axisa

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