Concert Tickets

St. Catherine’s High School

11, Alamein Road

Pembroke, PBK 1771

PHONE 21378703

FAX 21376542



 9th December 2011

Dear Parents,

Kindly note that the tickets for the Pre/Juniors’

Christmas Concert to be held at St. Agatha’s Auditorium

in Rabat on Saturday

 17th December at 5:30 pm will be on

sale from Monday 12th December. The price for each

ticket is €9 and each family can purchase 2 tickets (you

can book a 3rd  ticket but availability of this ticket will only be

announced once all the families have bought their 2

tickets). Tickets will be on sale from Mr. Midolo’s office.

Details about the Dress Rehearsal due on Wed 14th

December will be given to the children on Monday 12th

December and details about the actual concert day will then

be issued on Thursday 15th December.


Ms. Sue Mifsud Midolo

Junior School Director


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