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Dear all,

As you know December is a very busy month at school, so I am writing to you so that you take note of the following:

  •  Present for Mr and Mrs Midolo – all students are asked to contribute €2.50 (even 2nd and 3rd children give the same amount).  The money is to be given to me in a sealed envelope with the child’s name.
  •  Tree Deco day has been moved to the 7th December (we are asking the higher Juniors (Jun 3-6) to create a decoration and research a wo/man who has contributed, on a humanitarian level, to make the world a better place).  Example:  Mother Therea, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Einstien, Marie Curee’ etc.  Please, do look up more and more.
  •  Piggy Banks will be distributed to the classes this coming Thursday.  So come on, let’s see our piggy grow ‘fat’ in aid of the Community Chest Fund.

Thank you all for your cooperation,

Ms Rosette


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