Junior 4B- Christmas Concert






The junior 4B will be performing parts of a ‘Midsummer’s Night Dream’ taken from the BBC animated plays.  I have asked the children for wings.  We also need two King’s crowns and two Queen’s Crowns.  Also, please do start thinking of having thick tights and polo necks for the girls( of the same colour, while thick black tights and black polo necks for the boys.  Will then let you kn ow what else you’ll be needing.



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4 responses to “Junior 4B- Christmas Concert

  1. Caroline Galea

    I m Kim s mum.. Can you please let ne know what Kim has to wear please ?

  2. Dear Ms Rosette,
    Hope your arm is on the mend and that you are feeling better. With regards to the concert could you kindly clarify what Oliver will be needing in terms of clothing?
    Thanks – Arlette

    • Hi Ms PACE
      I gave Oli a note today asking if you could try to find a top to match the trousers Michaela lend him please. It would also help if he were to come wearing a pair of sandals.
      Ms Rosette

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