junior 4 work (school work and homework)

This is the SW and HW we have done since monday:

  • textbook 4A Page 56 blue and green ( the green’s example to be discarded and sums are to be worked normally by the table)
  • textbook 4A Page 57 blue,  green and red.
  • textbook 4A Page 58 blue and green
  • textbook 4A Page 59 green no 1 a – h


Ms Rosette



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4 responses to “junior 4 work (school work and homework)

  1. Nicola Schembri

    Thanks alot at least we can work out a bit and not miss everything.

    Kind regards,


  2. Ella Pace

    Hi Ms Rosette,

    Ella has written on her notebook to look up HW Project on the blog for Monday but I cannot find it on the blog.


    • Hi Ms Pace

      Instructions are on the blog. Look up under both Junior 3 and 4 please. There are the instructions on what to click to be able to go into the E learning platform and then be able to print the bar chart. Hope you’ll be able to access it.

      Ms Rosette

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