junior 3 work – plus and minus







This is the sw and hw given to the junior 3s since monday:

  • textbook 3A page 47 blue and green
  • textbook 3A page 48 blue (NB:  please note that this page will be given to the jr 3A tomorrow since they had the last lesson today and being quite short we did not have enough time to explain fully)


  • to plus we count on our fingers since up to now we are only plusing 126+8=134.
  • to minus we count back on our fingers since up to now we are only minusing 34-6=28
  • story sums are to have the Data/Information(Info) which is gathered from the same story sum, put down before the sum is worked.

Example of a story sum and how to work it:  There are 19 girls and 7 boys in Class. How many children is that altogether?


19 girls

7 boys

? (how many) altogether.

19+7=26 children.

Please do try to stick to this format.

Thank you all

Ms Rosette



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2 responses to “junior 3 work – plus and minus

  1. Dear Ms rosette,
    Thank you for this clear explanation. It makes it easier to understand when our children are working at home. Cynthia

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