Junior 3- Bar chart project

The task of working and printing a Bar Chart from the computer has been given to the Junior 3s.  While the Junior 3A have already been given all details since they already had their double lesson, the Junior 3B are still going to be given their instructions (hopefully tomorrow).  This is also linked to our E learning platform.  These are the steps to follow:

  • click on internet explorer
  • then click on St. Catherine’s High school, Malta
  • next click on E-Learning
  • click on Junior 4
  • click on Numeracy
  • click on Handling Data where you will find the link ‘Kids Zone’
  • click on it and follow the instructions of filling in the default requirements.
  • when bar chart is ready, print.

The children are given a piece of cartoncin on which they will stick on their printed Bar Chart.  They also need to put down the frequency table so as to have the Data as to from where the Bar chart was printed.

No time limit is set on this project but, obviously it has to be terminated before we break up for the Xmas Holidays.

All prints will be hung up in the respective Classrooms.

I hope you all enjoy doin



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8 responses to “Junior 3- Bar chart project

  1. amanda

    Hi Ms Rosette

    the frequency table they have to draw it themselves on the kartoncin?
    amanda gauci

  2. jason buttigieg

    Hi Ms. Rosette,

    we followed the steps you told us on the blog so that we can arrive to the bar chart but unfortunately we couldn’t find the ‘kids zone’.
    please can you help us to find it as we may be misleaded.
    Thanks and regards
    jason (kyle’s father)

  3. Ms Rosette

    When you can can you let us know the instructions for Junior 4 please.

    Bar chart project.

    Lucienne Cini

    • Hi Ms Cini

      Instructions are on the blog. Look up under both Junior 3 and 4 please. There are the instructions on what to click to be able to go into the E learning platform and then be able to print the bar chart. Hope you’ll be able to access it.

      Ms Rosette

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