Junior 3 Work for this week

  • Junior 3s this week are reinforcing their Frequency Tables, Pictograms, Bar Charts and answering questions on same.

The idea is that the children start making a distinction between all the above.

  • A Frequency Table is where the item and the total of all the information/data is put down.  EG

Sport_      Number/Frequency of students

Baseball                   50

Football                    30

Soccer                       60

Hockey                     20

Basketball                40

Out of the Frequency table  then a Pictogram can be made.  A pictogram has to have a key which is a diagram/piucture to represent a number. EG:

Afterwhich, a BarChart of the same can be also made – EG:

IMAGE OF CHART: To save this image to your hard drive, right-click on the image and select Save Picture As...


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