Junior 3 HW

The Junior 3s today have started doing Bar Charts or Bar Graphs.  It is very important that the children practice drawing straight lines.  As you can very well see from the squared copybooks the vertical and horizontal lines meet and at the point where they meet we always start with a ‘0’. 

 We have worked the first ‘bar’ of the red colour together in class in the junior 3B and although today is ‘ no home work day’ I have asked the children to finish off the graph at home. 

May I please point out that one day this week was already without HW and next week we’ll be having another two days off because of Parents’ days.  I ask you to be understanding as it is not always possible to keep to the Wednesday as ‘no HW day’, especially when so many holidays and activities seem to crop up all during the same period.

So todays HW is Textbook 3A Page 35 green.  The children have to draw the bar chart on to their squared copybook.

Thank you

Ms Rosette







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2 responses to “Junior 3 HW

  1. Sharon harrison

    HI Ms Rosette,
    Apologies for instructing Robert on his homework incorrectly. I got him to count the windows as pairs instead of the curtains. Ok so I was a bit of a silly billy. Not Roberts fault, Mammys fault!
    Sharon Harrison

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