San Martin Celebrations on Friday

Dear Lunior 4

As I have told you and we have written on our notebooks, on Friday we will be celebrating San Martin.  We will be having Mass celebrated first thing in the morning and then during the day in my lesson we’ll be filling up our ‘Borza ta’ San Martin.’  The children have been told to get a one euro for which they’ll be given a ‘borza’ from school.  A 50c will be returned on the return of the bag in goood ship shape order by Mon day 14th N ovember.

The children have been told what ingredients to get.  Everyone will then share so that we can fill the bags.  We’ll also be writing a note to give to each other as a sign of well wishing.

I thank you and will keep you posted.  We look forward to Friday.

NB:  In view of ‘San Martin ‘ the Marathon walk has been postponed to thursday 24th November.

Thanks and good night

Ms Rosette


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