Junior 3 – Work

Junior 3s have been doing quite a bit of work namely:

2D and 3D shapes – It is very important that the children learn the names of the differnet shapes and how to spell them.

Right Angles and equal sides – The right angle is found by using the corner of a ruler if one can’t identify it by looking at it.  Th right angle is explained as being compared to an L.  The equal sides are the same size sides and these can be found out by measuring them with a ruler.

Measuring – in centimetres and using a ruler.  The children have to know that the ruler starts from a ‘0’ and that the small ten lines (Millimetres) make up one centimetre thus reading a measurement can be 5.6 cm.

Frequency Tables – Tables of items and their amount in numbers by counting

Pictograms – A picture representing a number.  Therefore frequency tables and their numbers are substituted by the pictures.

Graphs – How to draw a graph on the squared copybook.  A vertical and a horizontal line are to be drawn meeting each other at ‘0’.  The vertical line is the side on which we put down the numbers and the horizontal line is the one where the names of the items are put down.  Then the bars are drawn for every item.

NB:  Pictograms and graphs are the two topics we’ll be practicing this week.

Example of a picto gram:


Picture Graph: Easter Egg Hunt


We will also hold stations so as to reinforce the multiplication and division facts.

Thank you

M s Rosette


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