Junior 3 – work

The Junior 3s today have started doing divisions.  After the explanation (following the exercise on the book) that divisions are putting an amount of objects into groups and that they also are the opposite/contrary or the other way round of multiplications the children were asked randomly to work out the sums on the white board.  Afterwhich we worked together the first two examples on  the copybook together.  The rest of the exercise was given for homework.

Homework was 3A Page 21 Green/red c, d, e.

Example of how to work:  3 x 6 = 18

18 ÷ 6 =3

6 x 3 = 18

18 ÷ 3 = 6

PLEASE REMEMBER TO STUDY  TABLES……THESE CAN BE FOUND AT THE BACK OF THE BOOK 3A.  The table of the 3 and 4 have to be studied well.

Thank you all and good night.

M s Rosette  🙂


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