Craft Activity for Junior 4B

I am hoping that as a craft activity for the junior 4b we’ll be able to make the hands shown on this blog.  I also intend having the children doing some ghosts, witches etc made of cartoncin to hang in their rooms for the week end of ‘Halloween’.

Please let me know if any one can get anything for the nails.  I can supply the gloves and pop corn myself but need help with the coloured nails.

Your help will be appreciated.

Thank you

Ms Rosette 🙂



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2 responses to “Craft Activity for Junior 4B

  1. Olga

    Dear Ms. Rosette,
    I wish we’d had a chance to say a proper thank you in person to you for being such a fantastic teacher. I’m sorry we had to leave in a hurry, but we received an offer from another school, while the scholastic year had already started and we wanted Luciana starts attending the new school and the class as soon as possible.
    Luciana had a terrific experience in your class; in fact, Maths was the most favorite subject.
    All the best,

    • Dear Ms Bencini
      Thank you very much for your lovely comments. I too am sorry not to have had time to speak with you and also not enough time to speak with Luciana on the last day. I must say that I together with the other teachers, were very sorry to see Luciana leave us. I have to say that I miss her sweet face and loving character. I will always remember sweet, little Luciana not only for being such a lovely girl but also for her brightness and intelligence.
      I also have to thank Luciana for making and writing me the ‘thank you ‘ note which I shall keep with others that I have from my other ex students…..lovely cards which I cherish and become even more significant after years pass by especially when I encounter any one of the signatories.
      Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you or Luciana ever need anything. I wish you and especially her all the best and to be able to settle in her new school well and quickly.
      Now a quick word to you dear Luciana,
      Always take good care of yourself. Remember that you have a brain of your own, you are intelligent enough to know what is right or wrong and so never let anyone lead you by the nose or put you in awkward postions. You have grown up a year which has made you become a very much better person this year….lovely as always but very much more mature. And keep at your Maths ….you know you can do very well in it . I hope it will remain your favourite subject and maybe in that way you can always remember me.
      Good luck dear and the Best of wishes for your future.
      Love, hugs and xxx
      Ms Rosette

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