Animal Awerness Day

Dear All

A great big thank you for all the lovely animals you all brought to school to exhibit.  The children were all so very excited. Most children we so proud to show off all their own pets.

We then all went to visit the “Bird Park”.  A lovely place….full of wonderful birds and other animals.  Some very exotic ones which soooooooooooo fascinated the children..

A word of praise and appreciation to this wonderful man who is dedicating all his life to this ‘animal sanctuary’ where he, together with his other helpers is breeding all these wonderful birds and animals. This requires a lot of time, patience, sacrifice and financial support.

Do visit this wonderful place….you will be surprised at what you see.  I’m sure that you can’t imagine such a place can exist in Malta  although you can get an idea from the photos I and the other teachers are putting up.

I hope you’ll enjoy the phot0s as much as we and the children enjoyed the outing.

Have a nice week end all.  We see you all on Monday dear children.


Ms Rosette


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