Junior 3 Home work

Home work for today was Textbook 3A Page 10 Blue fish 6 and 9.

Explanation:  four minus sums giving the answer of 6 have to be found from the numbers given.

four minus sums giving the answer of 9 have to be found from ther numbers given.

Also:  Write the numbers from 200 to 300.

Thanks and good night

Ms Rosette



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3 responses to “Junior 3 Home work

  1. claire axisa

    Good morning ms rosette

    I only just saw your post on the blog this morning. Kieran only wrote the hw from textbook in his diary. So he did not do the numbers exercise. He will do it for tomorrow if you don’t mind.


  2. Hi Ms Rosette,
    Thanks for all the updates – they are really useful. Since Gaia did not have written on her notebook to write numbers 200-300, she did not do that. I only just saw the post now. Can you please send her copybook tomorrow and so she can do that? She also said that the H.W they wrote today (Thurs) on their notebook is for Monday and that you will give them the copybook tomorrow. I hope this is so since she did not have the copybook with her, just the workbook. Thank you and good night.

  3. Dear Ms Rosette,

    I just saw your post about yesterday’s HW. Unfortunately Francesca didn’t take note that she had to write numbers 200-300. If it’s not a problem I’ll tell her to do it as soon as she gets her copybook. Today she didn’t have any Maths HW written on her notebook. Could you kindly advise if you have given them any HW please?

    Thanks for the patience.


    Jackie Mifsud Cremona

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