Junior 3 – Week end Homework

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Junior 3 homework for Monday is Book 3A, page 7 Blue a,b,c,d,e.

Work set is to add or subtract as indicated in the box at the biginning of the line number sequence.  Letter ‘a’  was worked on the book together in the classroom as an example.  All the exercise from a – e has to be worked on the copybook.

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Times Tables

The Junior 3s have to revise their times tables.  The ones they had studied last year are the 2, 3, 5 and 10.  We will now be also doing the 4 and 6.  So, please, do start studying the 4 times table.  Also note that at the back of the back on page 71 there is a tables grid for your use.

I thank you while wishing you all a Happy Weekend.

Good Night

Ms Rosette



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7 responses to “Junior 3 – Week end Homework

  1. karen buttigieg

    Dear Miss Rosette,

    I am Kyle’s Mother of Junior 3a, i really thank you for your information that you are sending as we as new comers are finding it very useful so that we can cope with the new system.
    Well done and we thank you once again for your pations and dedication.
    Have a nice weekend to you too.
    Karen Buttigieg

  2. Hi Ms Rosette, thanks a lot for your updates, particularly things like how you expect the students to present their work. I like the idea that the children understand that a sum needs to have its origin when copying and working out sums on copybooks. Will make sure Sebastian starts doing them this way. Happy weekend:) Rosienne

  3. roberta sillato

    grazzi talli tibghatilna il hw fuq il blog,ghalija tajjeb hafna ghax nathan gili ma jiktiebx sew fuq in notebook.grazzi

    • You are welcome. But Nathan has to learn how to copy the home work properly as it is not always that i put down the work on the blog. I do miss days, like yesterday for example or put it down late like today. I do put down the work backdated and that can help, especially if the children have been absent. I am glad that you find it of help and hope that even if it is backdated you c\an still find it of great help.

      Thank you
      Ms Rosette

  4. jason buttigieg

    Hi Ms Rosette

    I am Jason Buttigieg Kyle’s father, and i would like to thank you so much as we are finding your blog really helpful and interesting. so as we can confirm that what kyle wrote was 100%. Well done and keep it up.

    thanks & regards


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