Junior 3

The Junior 3s have today continued working on their numbers…..and now started on making up numbers into hundreds, tens and units.  After having linked to yesterday’s lesson of tens and units we progressed to explaining how the tens turn into a hundred when we have counted ten tens i.e 10 for 10 times which is equal to a hundred….. or else by adding up all the 10 tens which still give us a hundred.  The children were then exposed to number cards of hundreds, tens and units and how they are to be used to make up a number such as 126.

To cons0lidate this we then had a little game.  The pupils were put into groups and each group was given a letter….they were put into 4 groups and so we had group A, B, C, and D.  Each goup was given a 100, a 10 and 20, and a 1 and 2 number cards.  With these cards they had to make up as many different 3 digit numbers as possible.  The group which made up the most numbers was the winner.

This was great fun and obviously the children get carried away and become a bit noisy but hopefully they have now learned how a number of 3 digits is made up.

Tomorrow we shall continue and they will be given both schoolwork and homework from their workbook 3A.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

Good night

Ms Rosette


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