Junior 4

Dear Parents

Junior 4s are back in stride.  We have started working on our textbook 4A.  Last Friday’s homework was simple as the children proved through their work.  This was all re thousands, hundreds, tens and units. Today’s also seems to be quite easy.  This is to put numbers to the nearest ten.  Although on the book there is a number line to help, the majority of the children all know how to work them mentally since they know that the numbers 5,6,7,8,and 9 makes the number go to the bigger tens while the numbedrs 4,3,2,1, makes the number go to the smaller tens.

Please note that all homework is written on the children’s notebooks every day and that all Maths homeworks given are to be handed in the next day.

Please, let me know if there is anything specific which you need to know.

Meantime, as always, I thank you for all your patience and cooperation which is very much appreciated.

Good Night

Ms Rosette


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  1. benedicte

    i left a note on the diary of melvin, as we havenot been provided by the library with the book for hw, however they requested a deposit on them, so i m obliged to wait for the books to come. would it be possible to have copies of the page so he can do the hw. I know noone as yet from his class so I can request the book to do our own copies. please apologize, but donot be too hard on melvin as nothing he can do really.
    thank you, best regards

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