Junior 3 – This Week

Dear Parents

This week we shall continue working on numbers.  Today we started off by dividing numbers into tens and units.  We also started using our textbooks namely the 3A.  The children were instructed on how to use the books.  First how to find the page. Then how to look for the blue, green or red exercises.  The colours blue, green and red indicate the level of difficulty of the exercises.  It is not necessary that we work and do all the exercises on each page.  The children were also told the use of the abbreviated words we use in Maths i.e. pg for page, no for number and 3A is the textbook used.

Today we worked blue number 2 on page 4 for schoolwork.  The children were then given an example of number 3 which exercise had to be finished at home.  This work was also put down on the children’s notebooks.

Please also note that homeworks are always written on the children’s notebooks.  Another note to take is that any Maths homework given is always to be handed in the next day.

Please let me know if you need to know any specific details.  I will try to keep you informed and updated as much as possible.

Meantime I thank you for all your cooperation and patience.  Seeing that all is new to both you, the students and us teachers, we will definately need all the help and cooperation that you can give us to be able to help your children in the best possible ways.  So please so give us your feedback.

I thank you and wish you all a good night.

Ms Rosette



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9 responses to “Junior 3 – This Week

  1. Thank you Ms Rosette for this update. Gaia came very happy explaining what she had to do and the difference in the colours.
    Please keep the updates especially on methodology of new concepts covered, since not all the children will be able to come home and explain exactly how it was worked out in class. Good night, Cynthia (Gaia’s mum)

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  3. Claire Axisa

    Hi Ms Rosette

    Thanks forkeeping us updated on what our kids are doing during the lessons in class. It is of great help for us parents. Thanks again

    Claire (Kieran’s mum)

  4. Dorianne Sammut

    Thank you Ms.Rosette for the information,
    it helps alot.

  5. jason buttigieg

    Hi Ms Rosette

    I am Karen Buttigieg, Kyle’s mother of Junior 3 A, first of all I would like to thank you for keeping us informed with all the things you and the children are doing at school and secondly I can assure you that the information you sent us is really helpfull in my opinion and we really appreciate it. Thank you once again.

    Karen Buttigieg

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