Blog Hitch

Dear Parents,

Please note that the following was sent to us by Ms Sue to post for your information…Thanks.

s Rosette

Kindly note that it
seems that although people have subscribed to your blogs, there is a technical
hitch in wordpress which is not sending the email alerts to people.  I
recommend that you write this on your blogs and advise people to check your
blog directly and not wait for the email alerts until this is sorted out.


Mifsud Midolo, B.A.(Hons),
M.A.(Loyola, Chicago),

Junior School

Catherine’s High School

11, Suffolk Road,

Pembroke PBK 1901




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2 responses to “Blog Hitch

  1. Claire Axisa

    Hi Ms Rosette

    just wanted to let you know that I am not having any problems. I have received mail alerts for all new posts on all the teachers’ blogs. So the problem is not with all those who subscribed.


    Claire Axisa

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