Forms for Junior 4B

All classes have been given forms to be filled up by parents/guardians with all the personel information needed by the Admin.  Kindly be so cooperative as to hand in by Friday as these are very important when it comes to Data Protection Act.

I’m sure as always we can relay on all your cooperation.

Thanks you

Ms Rosette



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2 responses to “Forms for Junior 4B

  1. benedicte

    Hello i am melvin s mum of 4b. Please apologies for not having the books. The library where i deposited money for the book is still out of stock we have to wait until they come. Sorry again
    B rgds benedicte

    • Dear Ms Benedicte

      We hope that this will not take too long. In the meantime Melvin is doing work at school sharing the book with his friends. I’ll also start making him copies of the pages for home work now that you have told me that it’s going to take a bit long.

      May I point out that there’s also another student waiting for the same book who has told me that she’ll be buying it today. So please, do check with the bookstall again.

      Regards and thank you
      Ms Rosette

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