Revision Packs and Notes

Please note that Junior 3, 4 and 5 will be given revision packs and notes by next week.

Meantime, please do start revising all textbooks.


Ms Rosette



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10 responses to “Revision Packs and Notes

  1. Good morning Ms Rosette

    Thanks alot for providing us with revision packs. I have bought Francesco Think and Learn Year 3 and Year 4 books and he has been working sucessfully on them till now.


  2. Jacques Cordina's mum

    Hi Ms Rosette,
    I know that I am always asking for the same thing, but when you have some time can you give us the pages the J3s and 5s need to study from pupil books C?

  3. Luciano

    Thanks a lot Ms Rosette.


    I am trying to find the useful links on your blog , can you indicate exactly where i have to go please.


  5. Olga Bencini

    Dear Ms. Rosette,
    As Ms Midolo has been informed, Luciana will miss the school as from 14th of June. Sine there will be exams on 14, 15th and 16th of June, could Luciana possibly complete the tasks prior the last day of School (13th of June)?
    Thank you for the revision pack. Luciana has told me, that we can’t work on it as yet. Please advise, should we may start working with the pack.
    Thank you,

    • Dear Ms Bencini
      Re the revision pack we have started working on it as from today. You can work from it but please write the work on a paper not on the book itself as we’ll be doing some of them at school.
      Re the Exams being given to Luciana on the days before the 13th June, I’m afraid you will have to get in touch with Ms Sue regarding that. I shall pass on your request too so as to be able to give you an answer asap.

      Thank you,
      Ms Rosette

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