Junior 3

Hello Junior 3s,

Just a quick reminder of what we have done these last two weeks:

  • Addition sums in TU with a carrying up
  • Addition sums in HTU with a carrying up.


We first add the units putting the number in the margin.  We then cross the units to put down in the answer and then cross the tens to carry up on the tens.  We then plus the tens and put them down in the answer.

In the same way if  we are adding HTU the answer to the tens is as well put in the margin, crossed and carried up in the same way, only this time the units goes in the tens place of the answer and the tens is carried up on to the hundreds.

  • Subtraction sums in HTU
  • Subtrraction sums in HTU with borrowing.


When subtracting HTU we start taking away from the units  and then go to the tens, lastly go to the hundreds.

In subtracting HTU when the units are the first smaller than the other, we then need to borrow one from the tens which becomes one less. This one which we say,  is equal to 10 and which we then add to the units to make the number bigger.  We can then minus( take away) to find the answer.   Lastly we take away the tens, then the hundreds.

SECOND QUICK REMINDER  is to remember to focus continuosly when working these sums please as you can very easily make a mistake. 

THIRD QUICK REMINDER …..PLEASE STUDY THE TIMES TABLES.  For our Annual exams we need to know tables from 0 up to 7.

SUGGESTION……..Start doing some revision work from your 3A and B textbooks.

NB:  We have finished Textbgook 3B which should now remain at home please, and not in YOUR bags.

Thank you All.

Ms Rosette



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