Welcome back to School!!!!

Dear All Parents and Students

Just a short and warm welcome back to school.  We hope you have all enjoyed your holidays and are now ready to start on the new term.

May I remind you that exams are nearing very fast so please, do revise.

Thank you,

Ms Rosette



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2 responses to “Welcome back to School!!!!

  1. carola stivala

    Dear Ms. Rosette,
    As Maria has been sick at home, I was not able to attend Parents’ Day 😦 Her progress report was positive, detailed and clear. I did however want to express my sincere thanks to all the teachers of Jun 3A for all their efforts and teaching enthousiasm which makes Maria a happy and increasingly confident student.
    Kind Regards,
    Carola Stivala

    • Dear Ms Stivala

      Thank you so very much for the encouraging words which are very much appreciated. Maria is a very sweet girl who deserves all the happiness she can get.

      If you would like to know anything since you could not attend parents’ days, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Thanks a nd regards

      Ms Rosette

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