Marathon Walk Junior 3 – 6



Dear Parents,

As you know on Friday 12th November we will have our Annual Marathon Day .. this year it will be different for our students … so on Friday, please make sure that your child/ren have the following items with them for school: 

– the normal school case with books, copybooks etc (if it is bad weather we will not be holding the Marathon Day on that day so lessons will take place as usual);

– a bag with the following items : lunch and drink (pls make sure that enough drink is sent for the day), money, pen, pencil and colours (Junior 3 and 4s), money for the canteen and pens (Junior 5, and 6s)

– children taking part in extra-curricular activities on Friday , ie, Tennis and Sporty, are to bring any clothing to change that they normally get on the day.

It is important that the children in the Junior 3 to the Junior 6 wear their PE Kit (with the PE t-shirt underneath) and their jogging shoes.  The Junior 3-6 are not to bring their formal uniform to school on that day.

It is important that students work hard to fill up their sponsor sheet – remember the target is €5500 so that we can change the chairs of the Senior School and have beautiful Sports’ Days’ celebrations in all the sectors of the school!


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