Borza ta’ San Martin – Wednesday 10th November



Dear  Parents and Students

It is time to celebrate SAN MARTIN!!!

-Junior 3s to Junior 6s –  will be  provided with cloth bags on the day for each child.  All students will write a note on their notebooks that each child must bring €2 (€1.50 as deposit money which will be refunded if the bag is then returned by not later than Friday 12th November and is in immaculate condition; and 50 c which will not be refunded as this is a payment for the use of the bag).  Students are to give the money to their Class teachers who are to collect all the money by next Tuesday 9th November and pass them on to Mr. Brian who will then give  the bags on Wednesday itself. On Wednesday, the class teachers are to dedicate a lesson to the filling up of the bags and the students are to write a note with a wish on for another student, eg. “I wish you happiness”, “I wish you would have a lot of books”, they will  put the wish in the bag and then the class teacher will have a bag with the names of each student on pieces of paper, and each student draws up a name of a fellow student and gives his/her bag to that person. Bags must then be returned clean by not later than Friday 12th November and teachers are to take note of the students who have returned the bag and give that list, together with the bags returned, to Mr. Brian or Ms. Sue so that we can then affect the refund.

 The students are to bring the ingredients for the bag on Wednesday 10th November.  Ingredients should include nuts, an orange, an apple, and then if they want additionally also a chocolate bar and a sweet bun (but the last two are optional).

Thank You

Ms Rosette


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