New week

Here we are ….another Monday…….the start of a new week.   Last Friday saw the ‘final touch’ to our Animal Awareness week …….the collection of 10c coins which the children used to fill the slogan which wasd designed in the gounds.  The weather favoured us and the event spendidly. 

We also had our fire drill.  I must say the students behaved and reacted very well to this drill.  So much so we managed to finish it off just under three minutes.  It was also an improvement of a few seconds on last year. 

Today we have informed our students about Jeans Day which is being held this coming Wednesday.  All the children can come to school wearing jeans and a casual T shirt.  They are asked to pay one euro if they want to participate. 

An update for Halloween

Please note that the Halloween Party which is being held on Friday 29th Oct will start at 6pm and finish at 8pm.  Tickets are available from Mr. Midolo’s office at two euro each. ( this is to cover the cost of electricity, cleaning up etc.)  We will be having an activity during the party.  We’ll be informing you of what it consists of by next week.  Just as we did last year, we’ll be asking the children to bring in some foodstuffs.  We’ll let them know in due course.

Lots of SURPRISES in store for you…..So DON’T miss out on this FUN, SCARRY event!!!!!! 

Hope to see you all,

Ms Rosette



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