Doing Home Work

Doing home work may be very boring and useless according to some students especially if these are still in the junior 3 class.  It is up to us, teachers and parents to explain and try to input into our children that HW is a necessity.  Not only to learn but also to reinforce what they have learnt during the day.  It is our duty to have a good system of place and time stipulated according to each and everyone’s needs and circumstances, so that our children are  able to do their Homeworks in the very best of possible ways.

This leads me to point out that I have a couple of children in the Junior 3 ( to whom I have written notes on their note books to their parents) that are already for one reason or another not getting their Maths HWs or doing the wrong work.   I would really appreciate if you were to look into it please so as we can set things right from the very begining.

Thank you all for your patience with bearing with us and all the changes.  We, junior 3 teachers, know that it is not easy for both the junior 3 children as well as the parents to cope with all the changes they have with the transition from year 2 to year 3.  But please, do bear in mind that it is also difficult for us till we all settle down.

Thank you again,

Ms Rosette 


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