Animals and Animal Awareness Day

Dolphins and Mammals was a film which the Junior 3, 4, 5 and 6 watched as part of this very packed and interesting day which all of our School celebrated against ‘Cruelty to Animals’.

This most enticing film was brought to us by National Geographic ensuing a very welcome and informative presentation from the students of Senior 1 and 2 to the Junior 3s  regarding all the animals which are at the risk of becoming extinct.  The Junior 3 showed great enthusiasim and participation in these presentations.

All of them were all so excited from the very begining of the day with most of them having their parents bringing over to school their most treasured pets.  Once the tour of all the pets was done by the classes it was time to visit the book stall.  A very welcome stand which both students and teachers appreciated.  As a result most of our students acquired a book or two with an animal theme.

A well deserved ‘prosit’ to the organisers, administration and all who cooperated to bring about such a fresh and welcome change to our yearly “ Animal Awareness Day”


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