We have passed our second week at school and I am very pleased to let you all know that we all together with our little students are all settling down nicely.  All are getting used to the systems being used and familiarising themselves with the new teachers and as well as with the new surroundings.

During the past week all classes have made use of their computers during one of their Maths lessons.  This was very interesting.  The children were all very enthusiastic and eager to play the Maths games and improve on them. 

As you all know on Tuesday we’ll be holding Animal Awareness Day.  I encourage you all to bring in your pets and show them off on this special occasion which supports ‘All Cruelty against Animals’ in our school. 

To continue celebrating this day we’re also collecting as many 10c as we can from every one so that on Friday we’ll be able to fill in (with all the 10c collected from each class)  ‘a graffiti’ which will be placed in our grounds.  For this I ask you to please encourage your children to bring in as many 10c as they and you can.

As always, I thank you in anticipation for your cooperation.

Hope to see may of you on Tuesday.

Thank you all,

Ms Rosette


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